There is a vast number of different CBD products that are being introduced into the market, one of these options is CBD tea. In this article, we breakdown what CBD tea is as well as how you can make your own brew at home should you want to try that before purchasing your CBD infused Rooibos tea. 

What Is CBD Tea?

CBD tea is just that – tea infused with CBD. It is common to find teas that have been infused with herbs such as mint or chamomile, these have long-standing been beneficial in the health and wellness industry.  There have been some manufacturers that have marketed something known as “hemp” tea. However, before we go further it is important to distinguish between CBD tea and hemp tea.

CBD teas contain a combination of hemp’s beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. How you can determine this is by checking the packaging for a mg of CBD- eg. Contains 5mg CBD. However, dissimilar hemp teas are manufactured using the plant’s flowers and leaves. They contain only minimal amounts of hemp’s phytonutrients, and therefore don’t offer the same benefits as a CBD tea.

Hemp leaves can be brewed in hot water to make an earthy, healthy brew. The leaves of industrial hemp do contain minimal cannabinoids, but manufacturers often infuse additional cannabinoids into the teabag to increase its healing benefits.

Hemp tea offers an earthy, bitter flavour which may not be everyones ‘cup of tea’- which is why we chose to infuse Rooibos tea with CBD as Rooibos not only is super tasty but has traditionally been used for its health benefits for generations.

The online market for CBD tea is clearly expanding, but with such a saturated market it becomes difficult to ensure you are purchasing quality products- which is where research becomes vital. 

You can also make your own CBD tea from the comfort of your home with just a few ingredients, which we will explain later on in this article.

Why Is CBD Oil in Tea Helpful?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an active compound sourced from the hemp plant. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists CBD as non-toxic and well-tolerated in humans, meaning it doesn’t cause a high, poses “no adverse health risks” and doesn’t create addiction.

CBD works together with our Endocannabinoids system- All humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which keeps the body in balance and increases the body’s functioning. The ECS is connected with a wide range of biological functions, including functions that help to regulate sleep cycle, mood, immune function, pain, anxiety and so much more.

Many researchers have found that CBD may stimulate the production of endocannabinoids in the body, helping the ECS function in an optimised manner, which supports overall health and wellness.

CBD Tea Benefits

CBD-infused tea is a good option for those looking to leverage the advantages of CBD taken as a daily food supplement, if you are hesitant about trying out CBD check out our blog post ; Exposing some common CBD misconceptions. Not only do our CBD tea’s provide the best quality locally grown CBD which have gone through extensive testing, they also provide the healing and soothing benefits of Rooibos tea which are further boosted by the infusion of CBD.

How to Make CBD Tea at Home

You Will Need:


  1. Boil your water.
  2. Brew your tea according to packet instructions. 
  3. Mix together the milk/milk alternative and the CBD product in a separate container. The amount of CBD product used will depend on your daily dose or the dosage provided on the packaging.
  4. Add your CBD and milk mixture to the tea and stir well. CBD oil in tea might separate out a little, but keep on stirring, and it should assimilate.
  5. Add some sweetener if you like and enjoy.

CBD tea is a great way to embrace and enjoy cannabidiol ­– not only do you get the health benefits of the tea itself, but you get the health benefits of the CBD as well. If you are a regular tea lover, CBD tea is a handy way to consume your daily dose of cannabidiol in a convenient, enjoyable way.
Whether you decide to make your own CBD tea at home or purchase a ready-made CBD Tea, we think you will love CBD tea and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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Mint, Ginger, Vanilla and Cinnamon to find the perfect flavour for you, or our 600mg CBD isolate should you want to make your own CBD-infused tea.