There has been much chatter about CBD as a weight-loss supplement. This sounds like a dream for many but does it actually work? Does CBD hemp oil for weight loss work?

This topic is still somewhat a ‘grey area’ in the CBD community, as there hasn’t been a significant amount of testing done on humans with direct results linked to losing weight.

However, what results have found is that CBD can be a great natural way in which to regulate a healthy diet pattern- which in turn can have a positive effect on managing weight-loss.

CBD And Weight Loss

CBD hasn’t shown to shed weight off or make fat disappear, the way it can work with natural processes that occur in the body to aid in helping with weight loss is where we would place emphasis. CBD helps regulate factors which can often contribute towards weight gain such as blood pressure, metabolism, diabetes, PCOS, obesity etc.

To grasp a better understanding of how CBD and weight loss work together, we need to again have a look at the two most important processes in the body- Our CB1 and CB2 receptors, and the metabolism process.

CB1 And CB2 Receptors

Every human has what is called an endocannabinoid system within their bodies which is involved with the regulation of operations that occur such as metabolism, sleep, mood, stress, appetite, hormonal balances, pain, the list could go on.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors are two of many cannabinoid receptors which are found in both humans and animals, they help the endocannabinoid system to either block or activate our body’s cannabinoid receptors which are responsible for processing the signals sent off. CB1 receptors can be found in our central nervous system and brain, whereas CB2 receptors exist throughout the body. Getting a better understanding yet?

On the other hand, Metabolism takes place in the gut, lungs and blood plasma and is the way our body’s cells process the food we eat into the energy our bodies need. It does this by converting these foods into enzymes. Enzymes are important because they help to deploy chemical reactions in the body.

How CBD Is Metabolized In The Human Body

Our body has 100 CBD metabolites out of the many that exist within the body. As CBD enters the body’s system, the CBD is converted into active metabolites known as 7-OH-CBD and 6-OH-CBD and found in our liver.

As the CBD is then converted to these active metabolites, these metabolites are processed in the liver by enzymes called CYP450 which aid in getting rid of toxins and chemicals and convert steroids which can come from many different things but most often from food.

Those CB1 and CB2 receptors mentioned above are quite amazing things, and are a vital reason why CBD and weight loss are linked to one another. When a person suffers from obesity, our CB1 receptors become more far-reaching, especially in fatty tissue, and they find it difficult to work their magic.

CBD Linked To Metabolic-Related Disorders

Extensive research has been done on patients who suffer from metabolic- related disorders, particularly diabetes- which indicates that there is a close link between CBD and metabolism, this being because CBD helps to reduce insulin levels faster.

When the body’s insulin levels are low, it is also easier to lose weight.

CBD has also shown to help conditions such as high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes or high cholesterol which are all contributors to weight gain.

How CBD Can Help Turn ‘bad Fat’s’ Into ‘good Fat’s’

Humans have two types of fat that are found in the body; white and brown fat.

White fats which are referred to as ‘bad fats’

These store and supply energy whilst insulating our organs, but they are also the types of fat that are linked with conditions such as diabetes and heart disease when your body consumes too many white fats.

Brown fats which are referred to as ‘good fats’

The main job of brown fats is to create heat in the body by burning calories. White fats are also converted into brown fats- however you need to make sure you are getting enough sleep and exercise. Colder temperatures have also shown to aid in this conversion.

And the relevance for this one to CBD and weight loss? A 2016 study found that CBD may in fact help convert white fats to brown fats. This means that the body’s ability to burn calories faster is improved which also allows the body to break down fats quicker and helps in decreasing fat cell generation.

CBD Products Manufactured Using A Cold-extraction Method Have Shown To Have Extra Benefits.

Tests conducted in 2008 which looked at the way in which a drug ingested in the body moves through the bloodstream which includes how it is absorbed, how it reacts in the metabolic system and how it is then excreted.

The CBD administered to patients was tested using both heated CBD and unheated CBD oil. What was found was that the unheated CBD actually has a better effect with our metabolism.

Unheated CBD typically means CBD that has gone through the process of cold-extraction methods. This can usually be found in the form of CBD Oil capsules and tinctures, or any CBD products made from CBD isolate- which is why we created our High Health CBD oil using a CBD Isolate.

What Are Our Final Thoughts?

Although this is still an area that requires more testing and we cannot guarantee you will shed Kilo’s when using CBD, your metabolism is the most important element to consider here which has since proven to have a direct connection with our endocannabinoid system.

CBD may in fact help you burn fat faster, and the faster we burn fat, the more calories are lost.

It may also be beneficial to try different CBD products; Isolates, Broad spectrum or Full spectrum to see which works best for you- as it is not a one size fits all process.

To conclude, if you are concerned about your weight and are looking for supplements to help, CBD can definitely help in the process. However it is vital to remember that this needs to be supplemented by a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, sleep and water consumption.