Health has never been more vital, having been on both sides of the spectrum we seek the culmination of your best self. We stand with transparency, with only the best nature has to offer and with ensuring all products meet Good Manufacturing practices. We strive for growth and consciousness, and we will never stop seeking knowledge and reliability. To illuminate a new stronger, healthier and happier future for us all.


Our products are all formulated and manufactured to the highest standards to ensure, whilst harnessing all the wonderful benefits nature provides, we are mindful of our impact and how we can alleviate the burden we as humans put on our planet and all its inhabitants.

With this in mind, we shy away from using any plastic and ensure all packaging is recyclable.
We always aim to be accountable and responsible in our fight for a healthier planet with healthier people.


We put all our customer's health into our safe keeping and ensure all natural nourishment in and on your body.

Our Promises

All products are produced following strict guidelines with regards to corporate accountability, water pollutants and any toxic chemicals. All our facilities are GMP approved to ensure we always deliver premier standards and you never have to worry about a thing.


We work together with a certified doctor and lab facilities to develop highly effective health products. Although we are under no misconception that all people require the same healthcare regime, we do believe in valuable and quality products to improve your health. Each ingredient is well researched and enriching. We believe so strongly in these products because we have watched them transform our lives and the perspective in which we value health and overall wellbeing. Our aim is to do the same for you.

Proudly SA

Our farms, labs and offices are all based in South Africa, the goal of this is to enrich our local community and utilise all the amazing and unique properties our country provides. We are so blessed to have an abundance of natural products on our doorstep, many uniquely South African species yield incredible health benefits. Sourcing locally has shed light on the beauty of our country and the great future that lies within it.