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Created with a blend of Rooibos and Broad Spectrum CBD together with 1 of 4 of our favourite flavours. All our tea has been lab tested, Halal, kosher as well as JAZ approved under the strictest regulations. A daily dose of our High Health CBD tea can help regulate immunity, mood, inflammation and sleep. Our goal is to help all our High Health customer’s experience their highest health.




1) What is CBD?

Cannabidiol aka CBD is basically a chemical found in the Cannabis sativa plant which also goes by the name of hemp. It is commonly used in treating health issues like chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. There are more than 80 chemicals found in the Cannabis sativa plant. These chemicals are also known as cannabinoids. Out of these 80 chemicals or ingredients, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the most popular ingredients found in cannabis. And today, owing to its various health benefits, it is being advertised as one of the best wellness products. Being positioned as a popular health and wellness product, you can easily find CBD as one of the main ingredients of CBD juices, creams, oils, vape pens, candies and more.

2) What is the difference between isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum?

CBD Isolate. The CBD isolate is fundamentally a pure CBD product which contains no other compounds other than CBD itself.

CBD Full Spectrum. Full-spectrum CBD products have the presence of all the components found in the cannabis plant which is inclusive of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. In states where cannabis is legal, you may also get to find full-spectrum products with higher THC levels.

Broad-spectrum CBD. Under this category, CBD products don’t contain any THC levels. It is considered as one of the main forms of CBD. Under this, you will find a wide range of compounds found in the cannabis plant without any THC. Such products are best in purity and good for overall well-being, sleep and relaxation.

3) What is the difference between cannabis, hemp and marijuana?

Cannabis. It is fundamentally a psychoactive drug extracted from the cannabis plant. Native to central and south Asia, the cannabis plant has been majorly used as a drug for both recreational as well as medicinal purposes by professionals.

Hemp. Hemp is fundamentally a type of cannabis which is scientifically called Cannabis Sativa. Although they are both parts of the same family, hemp and marijuana have got different chemistry and characteristics. The hemp plants generally contain low levels of THC which is present in ample amounts in marijuana. However, despite low levels of THC hemp contains high levels of non-intoxicating CBD.

Marijuana. Also known as the cousin of hemp, marijuana is largely made of Cannabis sativa plants. Marijuana contains higher levels of THC. There are many states which have declared the use of marijuana for medicinal and adult purposes to be legal. Marijuana is sold in a variety of ways of which one of the common ways is simply the dried and cured flower of the marijuana plant.

4) What sets High Health products apart from other CBD products? (GMP, Organic, Authentic, JAS, Broad Spectrum, etc.)

For us at High Health, the well-being of our customers has always been the highest lookout. At High Health, we stand proud with full transparency and with only the best that nature has to offer. We aim to offer what other brands don’t: a path to illuminate a stronger, healthier, and happier future for us all.

All our products at High Health are manufactured in GMP-approved facilities. We only produce 100% authentic broad-spectrum CBD products that contain almost non-existent THC levels and are completely safe to use. Our formulations are consistent in their purity and are free of any kind of synthetics.

5)Are High Health products third-party-tested?

Yes, all our products are manufactured in GMP-approved facilities and have been tested by third parties to maintain a healthy and safe standard from Azochem Laboratories (Pty) Ltd.

6)What are the serving recommendations for High Health products?

The serving recommendations vary from different product to product. Before consuming any product you can consider consulting a physician or a doctor.

7) How do I contact High Health customer service department?

You can reach us at +27 82 468 2733. Alternatively, you can also consider reaching us at info@highhealth.co.za


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Recommended daily dose:

Children <12 :  1 cup of tea per day

Adults:  3-4 cups of tea per day

Our High Health CBD tea can be drank throughout the day to assist improve immunity, anxiety, mood and sleep.


Organic Rooibos leaf

5mg Broad Spectrum CBD